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CELT Athens

M.A. Applied Linguistics

Female |ATHENS, Greece


2 Oct

2011 03:00 PM (CST)

This class ran for 120 minutes

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English


Marisa Constantinides, Cambridge DELTA Course Supervisor & Tutor, CELT Athens

Presenter's Bio: http://www.celt.edu.gr/Marisa_Constantinides.htm

Teaching English for Academic Purposes is one of the Specialisms listed for Module 3 of the Cambridge DELTA.

This webinar will explore some of the key issues related to this area.

N.B. These webinars are free of charge and will be held in our virtual classroom, so please make sure you have a headset (a must; you can buy a set for about 10 euros) and, if possible, a webcam.

The webinars offer an Introduction and overview of key issues to each area but should not be considered as full coverage - they are intended to help candidates select their specialism but should in no way be seen as adequate for candidates to begin work on their Module 3 Assignment without further research, reading and tutorial support.

Participants are under no obligation to follow their Module 3 wok with CELT Athens.

For More information on the Cambridge DELTA course options offered by CELT Athens, please visit http://www.celt.edu.gr/delta.htm

About the Host

CELT Athens

CELT Athens

M.A. Applied Linguistics
ATHENS, Greece

CELT Athens is an established Teacher Education widely known for its role and contribution to the improvement of Foreign Language Education. To date, it has trained more that 2,500 Foreign Language teachers, directors of studies and administrators and has worked with the private as well as the state school sector.

CELT trainees come from all over the world. They come to CELT to start or refresh their teaching career and many are currently hold posts in Greece or Overseas. CELT Athens is primarily a TEFL training centre dedicated to teacher development and to the pursuit of excellence in foreign language education both in the private as well as the public sector and is committed to a policy of equal opportunities

Centre Activities

TEFL Courses
Teacher Training & Development for TEFL teachers as well as teachers of other modern languages (Spanish, French, Italian, etc.) These courses include our own Certificate level course as well as a range of other courses from Language Awareness & Development programmes for the non-native speaker teacher of English to post-graduate Cambridge DELTA Diploma.

Modern Greek Language & Culture
Our courses organised mainly in Athens but every summer, a two-week immersion course is organised on a Greek island. Click here for more information, levels, dates and tuition.

Business English
CELT Athens is a specialist centre in teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults and trains teachers with internationally recognised qualifications such as the Cambridge CELTA & DELTA.

Diploma in Translation If you would like to obtain the internationally recognized Institute of Linguists Diploma in Translation, follow this great online translation course- from English to Greek or Greek into English

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